Palmeiras 0-0 Grêmio

As you might be guessing due to the less frequent updates, I’m on vacation. It’s harder to keep up with everything Palmeiras when on the move, but I must admit that when the team perform like against Grêmio this last Saturday – an uninspiring 0-0 at home – it becomes more bearable. Last November I was in India when we got kicked out by Goiás in the South America Cup. On Wednesday, Palmeiras play Vasco da Gama in this year’s edition of that same tournament. If we see history repeating, I will seriously have to reconsider my travel schedule for 2012. Anyway, watch the highlights below.



Palmeiras are not doing badly but are far from great. Important points are being lost, as the offensive is struggling. Scolari, untouchable and respected, needs to think outside the box, get his talented men to pull in the one direction and, most importantly, find a way to make Valdivia, Kleber and Maikon Leite shine. Although the championship is over a total of 38 rounds, there’s no time for playing around (no pun intended).

¤ Henrique played from start and looked very solid.
¤ Saint Marcos made his debut in the new, beautiful white/gold jersey.
¤ Last week Palmeiras bought Luan from Toulouse and the attacker has signed with Palmeiras for the coming five years.
¤ Vasco was on a roll and then came Botafogo and slapped them 4-0; great timing.


— ooo —

Leaving Finland tomorrow, heading for Sweden. Rauhoitu, nähdään pian!


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