Coritiba 1-1 Palmeiras

Too busy packing, I didn’t watch the game. But I do know that our Verdão faced 12 opponents yesterday: Coritiba + the referee. Under the circumstances, and playing one man short during the last 20 minutes as Thiago Heleno was forced to take down an opponent heading straight for the goal, the draw wasn’t a bad result. Unfortunately, our direct rivals Corinthians, Flamengo and Vasco won their games. No despair; we’re only one third into the championship, there’s going to be flowing a lot of water still under that bridge.

Today, Marcos celebrates his 38th birthday. The Saint played divinely yesterday and many are starting to voice the opinion that he should reconsider his decision to retire in 2012. The São Marcos special jersey, which should be officially launched this Sunday in the home game against Grêmio, is no longer considered a tribute to Marcos in the last year of his career, but rather to his 15 years between the goalposts at Palmeiras. Who knows? Do we dare to look forward to yet another miracle: Marcos defending our goal in 2012 in the Libertadores Cup? Oh, sweet dreams…




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