AP360: Kobat Palmeiro

Palmeiras reach far, something that this blog will try to show from time to time. First out in this series of “Anything Palmeiras 360 degrees” is the Slovakian team Palmeiro, active in the small town of Dubnica since 1999 and playing in the local championships.

Inspired by our glorious Verdão, Palmeiro is sponsored by Kobat (a local security/surveillance company) and counts on Ján Kvasnička as playing manager of the team. Palmeiro has made its way up the divisions and today plays in the top division of the local championship. Check out some pictures from the club’s archives below.


    1. Prisco, your blog was a nice surprise! Haven’t seen it before, will definitely come back and check it out from time to time. If you’re not on twitter, you should be: a great place to let people know about your most recent postings and interact with the huge palestrina media. Look me up at @AnyPalmeiras. : )

      Thanks for the link, it’s an honour!

      Talk soon, cheers!

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