Palmeiras 0-0 Vasco da Gama

Today’s game brought a clash between the two teams that have drawn most times in this year’s edition of the Brazilian League; Palmeiras 10 times and Vasco 9. To make matters worse, the referee Leandro Vuaden has so far only seen draws. 8 games, 8 draws. Well, it’s now 9, actually. Palmeiras and Vasco were unable to score, leaving the supporters with that roar of excitement stuck in their throats.

Even if technically not the best of games, it offered a lot of pace and plenty of opportunities for both sides. Palmeiras – with Deola, Vítor, Maurício Ramos, Danilo and Rivaldo; Edinho, Márcio Araújo and Tinga (Patrik); Luan (Valdivia), Kleber and Ewerthon (Tadeu) – started better, but Vasco soon gained control and dominated the rest of the first half. When Valdivia entered in the second half, the scenario quickly changed and Palmeiras was on numerous occasions very close to scoring. Vasco’s coach PC Gusmão quickly made two substitutions and put Valdivia on a short leach, having him individually marked by Romulo; a decisive move that strongly contributed to El Mago not taking his team to victory on his 100th game in the Palmeiras jersey.

Looking at the game as a whole, Palmeiras perhaps deserved the three points, but a draw was not unfair. In any case, the result does not really reflect the game; 2-2 or 3-3 would have been more like it.

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