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It’s been some time since we last had a “Sonar pings”. Not since August of last year, actually. Well, the number of recent events surely justifies one.

ArancibiaTwo players are expected to join Palmeiras within days. First on the list – the 20th reinforcement for the season – is Chilean playmaker Francisco Arancibia. The midfielder is only 18 year old, but has been called up to almost every youth national squad in his short career. Arancibia spent last week with the Chilean national squad, preparing for today’s friendly against Brazil in London (1-0 Brazil). Next week he’ll get on a plane and join Palmeiras on an 18 months loan, with an option to buy fixed at US$ 600.000. Arancibia will initially train and play with Palmeiras’ U20 squad, but is expected to work his way up in due time.

egidioThe eminent arrival of Arancibia has been known for some time, which couldn’t be said for upcoming reinforcement number two. The chronology of events in three sentences: on Friday morning, Palmeiras’ left-defender João Paulo tears ankle ligaments during a training session. On Saturday morning, left-defender Egídio – Brazilian champion with Cruzeiro 2013-2014 seasons – is released from his contract with Ukrainian club F.C. Dinipro due to unpaged wages. On Saturday night, Mattos announces that Egídio is expected in São Paulo on Monday to undergo medical exams and sign a three-year agreement with Palmeiras. Massive.

Mattos understands the importance of having a squad strong enough to withstand the above-average quantities of injuries in Brazilian football: an exaggerated number of games and sometimes poor pitch quality take their toll. Then there’s the occasional calling up for national squads – Valdivia was serving Chile just now and this week João Pedro was called up for the Olympic squad and Gabriel Jesus for the U20 national squad. Not much to complain about: in the end, of course we want Palmeiras players to become notorious worldwide. Even if it means, like in Gabriel Jesus’ case, that he will miss the quarter and semi-final stages of the São Paulo championship.

Speaking of the Paulista: Palmeiras are mathematically through to the knockout stage, where the top eight battle it out. Results from the two remaining rounds will define home advantage. This year’s edition of the Paulista has an insane design, where all teams face each other, with the top two from each group going through. As you can see from the tables below (courtesy of @palmeirenses_), distortions are guaranteed: currently, Audax total 19 points and are out, while Capivariano with 12 points are in. Tonight, Palmeiras play Red Bull Brasil, away.
The week has been dominated by last Wednesday’s derby against São Paulo. Robinho was indeed graced with a plaque by Palmeiras president Nobre for the outstanding goal. Paleirenses can’t stop smiling. The excellent result against “the enemy” is one thing, but the joke being on Rogério Ceni… It doesn’t get much better than this.

We had two new features at the Allianz Parque this week. The “Pig Tunnel” is an inflatable structure from which the players emerge onto the pitch in true NFL style. Not only does it look good: the tunnel is used for branding, increasing visibility of Palmeiras’ sponsors. Palmeiras that already have the most valuable jersey of all Brazilian clubs in 2015: US$ 15,5 million (R$ 50 million).
The second feature was the presence of Food Trucks, increasing the options for hungry supporters. One of the trucks was a pasta truck, the other a “Viking Truck”, featuring among other things a smoked salmon sandwich. Yours truly being the only legit viking palmeirense around, beats me why the stadium administrators didn’t call me up for extensive test tasting: it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

All while TV Palmeiras, as first non-European team, closes in on the 300.000 subscribers mark.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


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Pre-game, São Paulo-Palmeiras
Felipão has a less than simple task defining his starting eleven this afternoon against The Enemy. Dinei was injured against Bahia and will be up to 60 days out due to a muscular problem in his thigh. Valdivia, Thiago Heleno and Gerley are on suspension, while Mauricio Ramos still feels an injury and Gabriel Silva is serving the sub-20 national team. Scolari has little choice but to promote to players from the youth division: Patrick Vieira e Bruno are given the chance to shine. Good luck to them, they’ll need it! Palmeiras doesn’t win against São Paulo at the Morumbi since 2002, we’re talking 17 games played, with 11 victories for SPFC and 6 draws. An unacceptable situation that, unfortunately, not very likely will be altered today. Allow me some pessimism.

Gabriel Silva
Speaking of the young left-winger: Udinese-ITA has reportedly made an offer for Silva, an offer that was promptly turned down by Palmeiras.

Two players active in the second division are rumoured to arrive at Palmeiras early next week: 23-year-old midfielder Pedro Carmona and striker Fernandão. Carmona currently plays for Criciúma and has shown some quality. 190 cm tall Guarani player Fernandão is more of a dark horse, but apparently has Scolari’s approval. Wait and see, wait and see.

Scolari vs Frizzo
After the awkward situation created by the press between Frizzo and Scolari earlier this week, the two gentlemen were seen chatting away for almost 20 minutes during yesterday’s training session. Too bad none of them was wearing a wire…

— ooo —

The term “Viking“ refers to the Norse (Scandinavian, i.e. Swedish, Norwegian and Danish) explorers, warriors and merchants who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic islands from the late 8th to the mid-11th century. These Norsemen used their famed longships to travel as far east as Constantinople and the Volga River in Russia, and as far west as Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland. This period of Viking expansion – known as the Viking Age – forms a major part of the medieval history of Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe in general.

The impact of Vikings on their contemporary society can be understood by one of several prayers used in many a temple in Britain, France and other European countries: “Summa pia gratia nostra conservando corpora et cutodita, de gente fera Normannica nos libera, quae nostra vastat, Deus, regna” which in an English translation reads “Our supreme and holy Grace, protecting us and ours, deliver us, God, from the savage race of Northmen which lays waste our realms”.


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