Palmeiras 3-0 Bahia – entertaining

The scorecard points to a comfortable victory, but the large goal difference was build with a more effective attack rather than creating more opportunities. Bahia began the first half causing trouble to Weverton and almost opened the scorecard, but Willian seized a ball crossed by Mayke to put Palmeiras ahead in the scorecard already in the 6th minute.

The early goal didn’t impress the visitors, who continued to test Weverton, luckily on a good journey. Palmeiras scored two more goals in the last ten minutes of the first half, with Raphael Veiga from the penalty spot and Rony after a beautiful play, practically securing the victory.

In the second half, both teams create plenty of opportunities, Weverton and Douglas Friedrich performing at least four good saves each, and the scorecard could have featured more goals, maybe a 5-2 would have been appropriate, but the game ended with the same partial result of the first half: 3-0 for Palmeiras and three more points in the challenging task of getting closer to the leaders.

Weverton; Mayke, Kuscevic, Gustavo Gómez (Alan Empereur) and Viña (Marcos Rocha); Gabriel Menino, Émerson Santos (Luan) and Raphael Veiga (Scarpa); Breno Lopes, Willian and Rony (Gabriel Silva).

Alan Empereur received a yellow card.

Green Light
Palmeiras displayed a massive attacking volume, through long range shots, corner kicks and passing sequences. Raphael Veiga and Scarpa fed the forwards constantly, continuing their progress initiated with the arrival of coach Abel Ferreira.

Yellow Light
Despite another clean sheet, Palmeiras’ defensive performance was rather flawed, allowing Bahia way too many opportunities to score. Hadn’t it been for the splendid night Weverton enjoyed, the game could possibly have taken a different route.

Red Light
Gabriel Silva deserves a soft corneta for not scoring his first goal as professional. He has blown plenty of clear opportunities in previous games and against Bahia, he did it again. That being said: we need to have patience with the young. Remember Gabriel Jesus, how many months it took for him to score his first in the A-team?

Next Challenge
Upcoming Tuesday, Palmeiras receive Libertad at the Allianz Parque: after a 1-1 draw on the first leg, a clean sheet guarantees Palmeiras a spot in the Libertadores Cup semifinals. Libertad is however a tricky opponent and Abel Ferreira will certainly not take chances but rather aim for as solid victory, this time close to the action, as he will be back on the sidelines having recovered from Covid-19.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

– – – ooo – – –
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi & Kristian Bengtson

*Here at Anything Palmeiras, we love football. We love Palmeiras. We are always keen to see Palmeiras play, and keen to write about it for you. But we’re against the return of football in a country that still hasn’t controlled the coronavirus pandemic. We express our deepest sympathy to the families whose loved ones have been taken by the disease.

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