Sonar pings #131 – anybody out there?

10 weeks. Not a single line of text in 10 weeks. Never has something similar happened during Anything Palmeiras’ 10 years of existence. We all know the reason, live the reason. Although that’s no excuse.

Mid-March, football in Brazil stopped, as virtually everywhere else. Palmeiras were among the first clubs to speak out in favor of freezing the São Paulo Championship and the first to adjust the conditions of its supporter membership programme, announcing that fees collected while football is paralyzed will be converted into credits for future purchase of tickets.

Even in the face of diminishing revenues, Palmeiras have kept all players and staff, some 800 persons in total. The club continues paying out allowances to the youngsters not yet under a professional contract, and more: their families are receiving staple foods and personal hygiene products. No other football club in Brazil has gone to such lengths to cater for those under its wings: partially made possible due to A-team players, coach Luxemburgo and the technical commission having accepted a 25% salary reduction.

Supporters are also doing their part: Palmeiras organized supporter groups have collected and distributed more than 60 tons of food and hygiene products in São Paulo alone, and similar activities have been carried out throughout the country and even abroad in benefit of the needing. Palmeiras Consulates have collected and distributed some 10 tons of clothes and food products. Bravo!

First week of May, athletes were back on a training routine, but remaining at home: virtual sessions were conducted from Palmeiras’ academy, using the latest in technology and communication, with results so far exceeding expectations.

Stay tuned and, more importantly, stay safe.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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