Allianz Parque – long-awaited tweaks finally happening

It has been three years since inauguration, but the Allianz Parque is still unfinished. With WTorre going through financial problems and the arbitration only partially resolved between the constructor and Palmeiras, the stadium is completely functional, albeit with many of the promised features lacking. In the last few months, some progress has finally been made.

Last November, the Allianz Parque received its first panoramic restaurant. The Japanese establishment Nagairô Sushi operates every day of the week, attending the general public. On game day or when Allianz Parque hosts a concert, it is necessary to book in advance.

The view from the Nagairô Sushi (photo credits: Nagairô Sushi)

Last month, an exclusive space called FanZone was inaugurated, sponsored by Jack Daniel’s. The space features music bands and DJs, a special menu, a bar (duh), pinball machines and even massage services. Unlike the sushi restaurant, the FanZone only operates when there are games or  concerts at the Allianz Parque. Check out their site for additional info.

Fanzone venue featuring Jack Daniel’s (photo credits: Fanzone)

Installation has also begun on the LED panels that will run full circle, in the space between the cabins and the stands. Initially, delivery from China was delayed, then the panels were stashed away at the Allianz Parque for some time. Finally underway, the installation is expected to end in July, with August being a test month. Should be spectacular once in full working condition.

Securing the frame that will hold the LED panels (photo credits: Felipe Zito/Globoesporte)

There are still a number of promised features supporters are eagerly awaiting at the Allianz Parque. Perhaps the most urgent of these, the large Palmeiras crests on the facade of the stadium. Other improvements include removable seats close to the exits, to be used only during concerts, and a second panoramic restaurant. In addition, the stadium needs a pitch that can handle the wear and tear of frequent shows. Current solution is better than of previous years, but still far from ideal.

Ask any palmeirense which stadium is the best in the world and he will answer “The Allianz Parque”. He will however also tell you that it can and must get better.

– – – ooo – – – 
by Augusto Anteghini Oazi

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