Meet Maurício Galiotte, Palmeiras’ next president

One week from today, Maurício Galiotte takes over as president of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras for the next two years. Galiotte was vice president and right hand of Paulo Nobre during his four years, and the current president’s chosen one for succession. Galiotte received the votes he needed on 26 November, although the process was but a formality, as he was the sole candidate. The absence of a candidate from the opposition says a lot about how successful Nobre’s presidency has been (in particular the second term) but even more about the sorry state of the opposition. Which is regrettable: a healthy opposition – proactive, propositional and scrutinising – is important in so many ways. Now, that is not for Galiotte to worry about. He will preside over a Palmeiras in absolute ascension, a protagonist, a champion, with an intact squad and plenty of financial muscle. And although not yet formally sworn in, it is he who this week conducts final negotiations for the renovation of director of football Alexandre Mattos and assistant Cícero Souza – both instrumental in Palmeiras’ recent success. These negotiations successfully concluded, he will then formalise Eduardo Baptista as coach and initiate reformulation of the squad.

galiotteSo who is Palmeiras’ 39th president, Maurício Precivalle Galiotte? The 47-years-old father of three is a business administration graduate, with a postgraduate degree in marketing. He owns a lock factory in Barueri (greater São Paulo region) and initiated his trajectory at Palmeiras in 2001, when he was elected into the Deliberative Council. Galiotte is seen as a conciliatory leader, someone able to please Greeks and Trojans, which is rare at a club like Palmeiras. He is expected to continue the management model implemented in recent years, cementing Paulo Nobre’s administrative legacy.

I met briefly with Galiotte in São Paulo a few weeks back, sensing a genuine interest and openness in regard to Palmeiras as a national and international force. “I see Brazilian kids wearing Barcelona jerseys. That’s all fine, but I also want to see Spanish kids in Palmeiras jerseys” he stated, smiling. In a near future, yours truly hopes to contribute with a few ideas on how to make Palmeiras bigger, better and stronger on the international arena – and especially in the club’s relation with foreign supporters.

Anything Palmeiras wishes President Maurício Galiotte the best of luck!

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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