2012 revisited

Coach Scolari took us through the emotions a few years back. Love and hate. Glory and shame. The unlikely combo comprised of the Brazil Cup trophy with a Brasileirão relegation.

It’s not quite the same this year. For good and for bad, Marcelo Oliveira has not the ability to stir the blood of palmeirenses like Scolari. And Palmeiras suffer no risk of relegation. Now, had the championship been another 5-6 rounds…

Today’s 0-2 against Coritiba was as depressing as ever, Palmeiras using nothing from the starting eleven except right-back Lucas, suspended from the last match in the Brazil Cup. Coritiba on the other hand threw in everything they had and through the three points  very close to secured their spot in the first division next year.  The 15.000 strong crowd at the Allianz Parque endured the rain and the poor football, showing loyalty beyond belief, collectively aware of the only thing that matters: the 90 minutes coming Wednesday against Santos.

Palmeiras need revert the 1-0 defeat from the first leg at the Vila Belmiro. And work around the biased refereeing. It’s curious the clear penalty on Barrios, denied by the referee, didn’t even make this otherwise excellent compilation below. But this is how it has always been and how it must always be in order for it to be Palmeiras, against all and everything. 

True, Palmeiras played badly against Santos. And true, the scorecard could have been much more in Santos’ favour at the blow of the final whistle. But it is what it is. And just like in 2012 – against all odds – Palmeiras on Wednesday lift the Brazil Cup trophy. For the third time in history.

Do not ask me to explain how. I do not even care how.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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