Palmeiras 0-1 Atlético Paranaense – but it doesn’t stop there

A packed Allianz Parque watched incredulously as Palmeiras played their worst game since Marcelo Oliveira’s debut two months ago. The team looked nervous, accelerating when slowing down was the key, missing passes, often hesitating before taking shots. It is games like these you tend to lose, especially against teams like Atlético – tactically obedient, fast-paced, happy with a draw but…

It only took an individual mistake, Lucas heading a corner the completely wrong way, and there it was: the streak of eight undefeated games broken. Not unjust.

With almost all direct contenders winning their games in the 16th round, Palmeiras dropped from third to sixth position, now a full seven points behind leader Atlético Mineiro.

gabrielHowever, the biggest blow was delivered today, as results from fixed star Gabriel’s medical exam came in. Our defensive midfielder limped off the pitch after 30 minutes yesterday and the verdict reads torn ligaments in the left knee. No more football in 2015 for one of the highlights of this year’s edition of the Brasileirão. Damn shame, that is. Andrei Girotto and Amaral: get ready to step up. And to Gabriel, wishes for a speedy recovery.

Another week of training and resting before the squad travels to Belo Horizonte where Cruzeiro await on the Sunday.

And to think that my previous post was entitled “nothing but good news”…

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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