Derby against Corinthians, and our chances are…

Most sport journalists don’t need to be hard pressed to say “Corinthians” when asked which team currently is the one to beat in Brazil. When asked who’s the best coach, they flash their Tite Fan Club membership cards.

Considering Corinthians’ streak of 30 games without knowing defeat at the Itaqueirão stadium, this all seems rather discouraging. Or does it?

aroucaExperienced midfielder Arouca doesn’t think so. During a press conference earlier this week, he expressed the opinion that odds are absolutely even and that if someone considers Corinthians favourite, that’s fine. Dudu was asked a couple of days ago which team is the best in Brazil, and didn’t hesitate. “I think my team is the best”.

Players are confident. And not afraid to say so.

Of course Palmeiras could lose tomorrow’s semi-final against Corinthians.

That being said: our chances of victory are 100%.

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!

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