São Bernardo 0-1 Palmeiras

Palmeiras keep winning, but not convincingly. A growing part of supporters expresses concern about the – in their perception – limited to no development on the pitch as of late. Most would agree the squad is fairly qualified and balanced, meaning coach Oswaldo de Oliveira is taking the rap. You can talk about the Paulistão being just a warming up to the “real” competitions as much as you want: Palmeiras’ dry spell in clássicos, including the two out of two lost this year, is an itch hard to ignore. Wednesday, we have the choque-rei against São Paulo. Although coach Oliveira says “the game means nothing”, he must not underestimate the destructive power of another defeat, especially when playing at home.

Can we trust coach Oliveira’s training methods and tactics? How long is long enough to make a team mesh? Should we start worrying, or is it way to early for that? Leave your comments.

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