By the skin of our teeth

We made it. We remain in the first division. By the thinnest skin of our teeth.

As predicted, not primarily based on own merits, but to a large part due to the incompetence of others. Palmeiras drew 1-1 with Atlético Paranaense, Henrique scoring the Verdão’s first goal at Allanz Parque by conversion of a penalty.

The draw did remove Bahia’s chances of relegating Palmeiras, but Vitória needed but one goal at home against Santos to grab that last spot. Instead, in the dying minutes, Santos opened up the scorecard and 16 million palmeirenses could let out a sigh of relief. Both teams from Bahia – Vitória and Bahia – relegated. Palmeiras safe, by the lowest accumulation of points in the history of the Brazilian Championship: 40.

Early next week, we look at the future. Good night.


  1. That’s a big relief. Really hoping we can make some improvements and not hang around the bottom next time.

    1. Hi Rafa,

      Permission granted. And I recommend anyone who understands Portuguese to check it out: it’s certainly worth the read. Abraços!


      ps. of course I’m available for your transmission: just tell me when and where.

      1. Thanks Kristian,

        Well the “where” is easily settled as you will be participating from the coziness of your on home, or anyother place you choose…

        Our live programs, which we call: “Papo Palestrino” are done via Google Hangouts and broadcast live on youtube. I don´t know if you´ve ever used Hangouts, but it´s quite simple, all you need is a GMAIL address, which is in turn easy to acquire. We have participants who barely know how to use the internet, so if you haven´t used hangouts yet, I´m absolutely sure that you won´t have a problem.

        about the ‘when’, we´re still deciding. since we don´t exactly have a fixed date and time for the program, sometimes it´s on a Saturday, sometimes on a Sunday, (then we started doing shorter versions after each Palmeiras game, but maintaining the weekly version.) and since this would be a “special show” in a diferent language, we are still on the planning stages of it.

        The guys loved to hear that you are keen on taking part though, and this has helped to boost our initial impetus of getting it done.

        I´ll contact you with further details, and we´ll arrange a date that would be good for you. Probably,next week I´ll have more concrete info.

        If you want to take a look at our past transmissions, to see what it´s like, just find our channel on youtube.

        It´s nothing professional, just a ‘chat’ really, among friends, broadcast live and interactive with messages from the blog. It´s quite fun to do.


      2. Rafa, sounds like good fun. I haven’t used Hangouts (although it’s installed on my cel phone) but I do use gmail. We can continue this conversation by e-mail: anything.palmeiras(at)

        Abraços and até logo,

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