Palmeiras 1-0 Criciúma

Three fundamentally important points yesterday against Criciúma. But what a game, ladies and gentlemen. What a game…Dorival better work his magic soon, because if not, we’re not escaping relegation. Criciúma played horrendous football and Palmeiras just, JUST beat them. Lord have mercy.

Leandro one again completely useless. Tobio and Marcelo Oliveira out with muscle strains. Overall, Palmeiras now have some ten athletes in the medical department. Luckily, we can expect Lúcio and Allione back on Saturday against Fluminense.

To end on a positive note: who would have thought Victorino to be best in show, two games in a row? “O mundo da voltas”, as one would say in Portuguese. And Cristaldo… Hopefully the first brace of many to follow.

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