180 degrees, NOW!

This is what we’re staring at, five days from Palmeiras’ centenary.

It’s safe to say Paulo Nobre’s project has gone down the drain. If not before, now is the time to put pride and pigheadedness on the shelf and do whatever it takes to avoid relegation. Remove players who are not performing or who are rocking the boat. Publicly back coach Gareca 100% and give him whatever he asks for. Sign a number of quality players: be they expensive, be they on a short contract with no other benefit for Palmeiras other than that they can pull on a jersey and go straight into the starting eleven. Boost bonuses for victories. Get the crowds back in the stands by drastically lowering the ticket price. Beg them for support, on your knees if necessary.

Yes, all these measures will cost. Yes, now is the time to bite the bullet, throw all spreadsheets out the window and focus on one thing: AVOID RELEGATION.

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