Spicing it up

With a full month to go before Palmeiras are back on the pitch, supporters can unleash some of the anxiety by indulging in the most difficult task on this planet: become the football manager of the Verdão. Train and develop the skills of players, hire staff, ascend in the leagues and enter into exciting tournaments to compete against other managers from around the world – all of this and more from your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device, free of charge. Behold the Fantasy Football Manager – Palmeiras edition.

The game bears the signature of Spanish “From The Bench”, a leading developer of sports games for mobile platforms. From the Bench has created more than 40 Fantasy Manager editions for the greatest football teams in the world. However, not only football is their game: their latest release was the official NBA General Manager, tailored for the major league basketball in the United States.

Click on the picture and start playing today!
Adding spice to the World Cup is another form to get the adrenalin rushing. Brazilians are keen on creating “bolões”, normally at the work place or among friends, betting on game results. This year I created my own, using the very handy bracket provided by the ESPN website.

Then there’s the option to bet on live football online, making every single game just as exciting as the other.

With or without Palmeiras on the pitch, with or without the World Cup: there are plenty of reasons why football continues to be our number one interest.

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