From DOS to SAP

Does the leap sound unlikely? If you know your computer stuff, yes, certainly. It’s like “from bicycle to space shuttle”. Nevertheless, that’s what Palmeiras are doing, signing a contract – for an undisclosed sum – with the world leading provider of customised business management software. Makes sense considering there are typewriters, and in use, on the club’s premises.

According to the German company, Palmeiras are the first sports club in Brazil to use the “Business One” software. The club’s directors made their choice after having analysed several options on the market. The adoption of the system is expected to bring largely improved efficiency to management, as it will connect all administrative departments into the same platform.

With installation scheduled for this month, it’s comforting to know Palmeiras will soon stop trailing behind your local bakery.


  1. From my experience, this can be even more than “from bicycle to space shuttle”. Adopting – and getting your staff adapted – to the new software world is hard but still may be only a fraction of the real chalenge in change management and business practice update. Let’s hope this can bring Palmeiras the so expected transparency and professional administration. Let’s hope for the best – and pray for the rest…

    1. A change of paradigms then, Sheila. And these changes take time. And can’t be taken for granted. As you say: it’s adopting and adapting. I liked the ‘hope for the best, pray for the rest’. Cheers!

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