Monday – a new D-day as in Direct Vote!

This coming Monday Palmeiras’ Deliberative Council will hold an extraordinary meeting and vote on the proposal of statuary change that would implement the Direct Vote for President. Whatever the outcome of Monday’s Council meeting, the proposal must also pass the General Assembly scheduled for November in order to be approved: by simple majority if previous approved by the Deliberative Council and by 2/3 majority if previously rejected by the Council.

Palmeiras’ supporters have been fundamental in the process; they have demanded change, protested, mobilized support for a formal proposal to me constructed and then promoted debated around it.

The time has come to once more, in a peaceful but forceful manner, show which path S.E. Palmeiras need to take. A large crowd is expected on Monday afternoon outside the building where the Deliberative Council will be holding their meeting, greeting arriving and departing consiglieri. Check out the Verdazzo website for additional info on how, when and where the manifestation will take place (in Portuguese). Palmeirense, join in on history in the making!


  1. I’ll be there ! Peaceful but firmly supporting the “Diretas”.
    I hope it worth the effort.

    1. I’m sure it will be, Newton. I’m sure it will be. Good luck, especially with the “peaceful” part: can’t really overestimate the importance of this being a peaceful manifestation. Cheers!

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