Grab a seat, Walter

“Grab a seat, Walter. As in one seat, not many thousand. And that one seat, only because you have my permission. That’s the way it is, has always been, always will be. No one yanks pieces from us, weather we call it Palestra Italia, Parque Antárctica or Allianz Parque.

Seriously, I have no idea what’s running through your mind as of late. Aren’t we in the beginning of a three decade long partnership? Is it not in all our interest to conclude this construction as soon as possible, so that we can start cashing in those bucket-loads of gold? Because there will be bucket-loads of gold, for both of us, and you now that better than me.

Yes, there are faults in the contract, there is room for interpretation. Although, in all honesty: how much weight carries your interpretation that Palmeiras have agreed to give up essentially all control on game ticket pricing for the next 30 years? Not much, I’d say – especially not since you publicly and on several occasions – even in print – have reinforced that all game revenues and all decisions on ticket pricing are exclusively Palmeiras’ business.

Walter, a strong partnership relies on strong partners. What on earth do you expect to achieve by crippling Palmeiras’ AVANTI supporter programme? Because that’s what would happen if Palmeiras lost control over ticket prices. If. It’s not going to happen.

What’s  behind the 180 degree shift, partner? What had you suddenly go bitching about it in the media, claiming Palmeiras’ home as your property? Using social media to lecture me on how my team should be run, on what investments I need for improved performance on and off the pitch? Talks of slowing down pace on the already late construction? And now wanting to take me to court?

Walter, seriously: are you out of your f*cking mind?

I hope you’ve been paying attention. Let it all sink in. You might be strong in short bursts, or when fast money is needed, but I’m an army of millions and were born long before you drew your first breath. Think about that for a second or two. Swallow your pride, lick your wounds. Then come back to me when you’re ready to solve this matter, like partners would.

Please close the door on your way out.”


  1. Awesome “Letter”! Hope he change his mind and awake from his desperate nightmare! Even winning this cause he will be just loosing! and loosing a lot, I prefer to go to the Porcoembu in the decisive games just to avoid any possible income to WTorre… sad…

    He would easily have his payback in 5 years if he had us satisfied… 700mm and 3 years of investment… before the end of the contruction, 300mm of naming rights, this means, almost guaranteed that he is going to have at least half the payback in 30 years… almost 100% of WTorre chairs already sold, solid contract with AEG… isn´t it enough? if not, it´s just a matter os changing small pieces of the agreement together with both sides could have a great outcome… maybe, a percentage of the tickets sold… and the 10 thousand chairs… and they could have a little more control over these chairs, like increasing a little the ticket cost and having a little higher percentage….

    But WTorre gone crazy, he insanely avoided all the logical, political thinking… really sad!

    Hope it changes! The only thing I know is about S.E.P. historic power! He would better avoid fighting against millions of us!

    1. Douglas, according to today’s papers, Walter seems already more keen to strike a deal. I believe this question will be solved within a matter of days, with a bit of good will from both sides.

      Cheers, have a great weekend,

  2. Parabéns, traduzi pelo google… mas o importante é isso mesmo: “uma parceria forte depende de parceiros fortes” “O que está por trás da mudança de 180 graus, parceiro?” “…eu sou um exército de milhões de pessoas…” Sempre Palmeiras!

  3. I seriously hope that someone shows this letter to Walter. He knows how big Palmeiras is and will always be not matter what and I think he is just bluffing to see how far Paulo Nobre will go. I sincerely hope that PN doesn’t swap our rights for a couple of car spots in the stadium like our previous president which I will never mention his name in my life again.

    Congrats again Kristian.

    1. Marcelo, seems Walter is changing his ways as we speak. Certainly nothing to do with my text, but the overall massive criticism he must have been receiving these last few days.


  4. God!
    I can´t believe I´ve been absent from this blessed Blog for such a long time…
    Since mid-September…

    Really, I spent a few days without PC, and then when I came back I visited Verdazzo and PTD and 3vv, and simply forgot about coming back here, could be because the posts haven´t been frequent enough the last few months maybe, but mainly I believe, it´s because I´ve had such a busy day-to-day lately and always visited the web very hurriedly…

    Know when you have that feeling that something is missing, but you just can´t put your fingers on what exactly???

    Anyway, glad I´ve finally found my way back after reading a comment from you in Verdazzo, Kristian…

    About your “letter” ASOLUTELY PERFECT!!! not a word to add, please DO send it as an E-mail to Walter or his company… he should read this…

    1. Mate, you’ve been absent but in fact missed little: I passed a total of seven months away from home due to a complete renovation of the apartment. Lots of work, lots of stress. Almost no time and limited Internet, no cable… The blog went almost into hibernation. Worth it in the end, though.

      Thanks for the fantastic feedback. Hope to see you a lot around here!

      Cheers and the best of weekends,

  5. Great Kristian, this one should be sent to the big shot himself. It´s so deeped-strong and in fact it´s not your words anymore, now it stands out the voice of 15 million apprehensive supporters, now a one-man-army against this inadmissible bullshit. May HE read it as soon as possible. Brilliant words to say the least!

    Keep the faith!

    1. Cheers, Saandroo. I believe there are signs already that people are coming to their senses and that we’ll have a peaceful solution announced soon enough.

      Enjoy today’s game, my friend!


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