The emotional rollercoaster called Palmeiras

It wouldn’t be Palmeiras unless paired with the strongest emotions. Last week in the Paulistão, a chocking 6-2 defeat against Mirassol. Never in the club’s 99 years have a keeper of ours fetched the ball six times from the back of the net within the first 45 minutes. Against Mirassol? Utter humiliation.

Then, last Saturday, Palmeiras played badly against Linense but were able to bag the three points due to an injury-time goal.

Last Tuesday, against Argentine team Tigre in the Libertadores Cup, anything could be expected. Personally, I wouldn’t have known how to place my bet. But what we saw was a team that delighted us, not primarily through technical brilliance but for players wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Our supporters responded by not pause the cheering for a single minute. Tigre were dominated from start to finish, and this by a crippled Palmeiras, forced into substituting the many players residing in the medical department for the young , home-grown breed: no less than ten of them composing the squad on the night. With the 2-0 score, Palmeiras are very much alive in the continental competition, now looking to beat Libertad from Paraguay in next Thursday’s clash at the Pacaembu stadium. Expect a massive turnout.

However, before next week’s Libertadores, Palmeiras on Sunday face Ponte Preta, in Campinas. With renewed confidence and possibly a couple of players back from injury, I say Palmeiras again bag the three points. How about a 6-2, just like in the Paulistão of 1995?

Scoppia che la vittoria è nostra!


  1. I just arrived in Brazil (for thr first time yesterday) and I have a ticket to Palmerias versus Linertad. What can I expect from a game day experience? How early should I get to the game?

    1. Dear Michael, welcome to Brazil and to São Paulo. Hope you’ll have a pleasant stay.

      Congratulations to the choise of game, it should be a good one. Expect some 25-30K Palmeiras supporters and an overall friendly atmosphere, especially as there should be few Libertad supporters present. Palmmeiras are still in the making, and with many players in the medical department, it might not be the prettiest game. But it should be all heart from start to finish.

      I would arrive early, at least an hour before kickoff. Bring a raincoat/parkas if you have a light one (normally, you can also buy simple, disposable ones at the stadium if the rain kicks in) Don’t come hungry: food served at the stadium is so so (hot dogs, popcorn, crisps). Needless to say, don’t wear a jersey from any of the other São Paulo teams. Bring your camera, but avoid expensive equipment and always keep an eye on your belongings. Just common sense will suffice.

      And memorize this short phrase: “Olé, olé, eu canto eu sou Palmeiras até morrer” so you can join in on the cheering!

      Hope you come back here after the game and tell us a bit about your experience!


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