Sh*t for brains

You purchase an international fare in order to be present at our team’s important away game in the Libertadores Cup. At the stadium, prior to the game, you and some of your buddies of the Mancha Verde supporter group shout abuse at our players, mainly targeting Valdivia (who responds with obscenities of his own) but also other players, including recently contracted keeper Fernando Prass.

The game is a nightmare. The result, 1-0, would have been catastrophic had it not been for Libertad’s late equalizer against Sporting Cristal.

0307_hinchas_palmeiras_g_lance_2Early next morning, at the airport, you find yourself in a smaller group, waiting for the squad to arrive, like you’ve done many times before. When they do, you and your mates draw blood: Valdivia is the main target but Prass pulls the shorter straw as shattered glass provoke cuts to his ear and scalp, calling for stitches.

You consider yourself a soldier, a dedicated frontman, a true defender of Palmeiras.

You are as much the enemy of Palmeiras as anything else walking this earth, sh*t for brains.

— ooo —

Within hours after the incident, president Nobre stated that all dialogue with the Mancha Verde supporter group was frozen until the culprits were expelled. Time will tell if there’s true intention behind the words.


  1. Mancha Verde, Mancha Alviverde or whatever it’s called these days must be closed down. In fact it should have been closed down a long time ago. Having been pandered to by multiple administrations since its foundation, in 1984, it’s no more than a criminal organization. Mancha is both the result of a self-destructive club culture and directly responsible for the situation in which the team and the club see themselves now.

    Paulo Nobre has on his hands a historic opportunity of, by spearheading it together with the local police and prosecutors, banning Mancha Verde from attending Palmeiras games – and then, in a second step, closing it down for good. This would not only be a major step towards bringing Palmeiras to its years of glory, but it would also be a sensible move for the adoption of a culture of peace, understanding and tolerance in Brazil’s stadia (and outside of them).

    Sal Chiappetta
    Newbury Park, CA, United States
    Former Mancha Verde member

    1. Sal, I had no idea you were a former MV member. By this, your words carry a lot of weight.

      I would have hoped a less radical approach could suffice, if (IF) the MV and similar support clubs were to co-operate, immediately expelling wrongdoers. The MV does fantastic work both home and away when incentivating the team, bringing flags, horns, drums, chanting… It’s a joy. Now, can’t you have that without the violence? Must a (very little?) fraction really destroy it for the rest of the devotees? Would love your thoughts on this.


  2. I´ve never been a MV member, but I Know some MVs, mostly from outside of Sao Paulo, I do have MV jersey and in the past I did travel with them a couple of times. Everytime that Palmeiras played a game close enough to whichever city I happened to be in, I went to the stadium and invariably preffered to stay close if not in the middle of Mancha because of the Party they made.

    In the NOT SO RECENT PAST almost every Palmeiras fan used to be proud of Mancha for being TRUE Supporters, unconditional and dedicated TO PALMEIRAS!!!

    For many years now, They have been gradualy and increasingly losing credibility and outside support, to the point that the non-MVs have become absolutely INTOLERANT of what they formely considered something to be proud of…

    Sal will probably know a lot more, since he was really inside, but it´s been a long time now since Mancha´s priorities changed. Many modern days MVs, believe that Palmeiras exists FOR THEM, instead of THEM existing for Palmeiras.

    For all that Mancha was in the Past, I have/had some hopes such as yours Kristian, that maybe a less radical approach could be possible…

    but with each passing incident, that hope diminishes…

    Things to consider:

    -Lots of former members from their golden years absolutely detest what they have become and want to close them down, or at least want nothing to do with them…

    -In almost EVERY bad incident, there are ALWAYS Leaders of MV involved. So IF the leadership is involved in the wrong-doings, and many of their nowadays supporters are sheeple rather than people, than the chances of the “wrong-doers” being rooted is slim…

    -Is there someone over there with Enough Leadership capacity to not only expel the bad apples, but also change not only their Ideology, but also their Culture???

    -Is it possible for Mancha to regain credibility, sometimes it seems that they´ve already past the Point-of-no-Return???

    For the MANY Good Manchas that are still out there and those who left due to disagreement to what it was becoming, I hope they can pull back… but Honestly I do not know if I believe it possible any more…

    1. Rafael, very thoughtful comments there, not least in relation to the reoccurring violence committed by MV, and often by former or current leaders. How do you change behaviour when the leadership is part of the driving force of the opposite direction?

      It will be very interesting to see how this latest initiative, with Palmeiras actually pressing charges against MV individuals, will play out.


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