Reinforcements arriving… And they are all heavy hitters

Not losing time, president Paulo Nobre is taking his campaign promise of ​​professionalizing Palmeiras from word to action. This very afternoon, the highly regarded football manager José Carlos Brunoro was announced as the new CEO of Palmeiras.

brunoro_paulo_giandalia_ae_16112011_292Brunoro will have a singular position, subordinated only to the president, and in charge of football, amateur sports and all of marketing at Palmeiras. While Nobre will leave the social, administrative, financial and legal issues in the hands of his deputies, the president will assume, alongside Brunoro, the responsibility for running the football operations. As the order of things is consolidated, Nobre will leave Brunoro with the full responsibility not only for daily operations but also for shaping the football department to his liking, including contracting staff.

Brunoro has resigned from Audax, where he was instrumental in structuring the revitalisation project of the club. The expectation is that he will be able to repeat the success he had in his first spell at Palmeiras: between 1992 and 96 he was director of Parmalat and during the partnership between the multinational and Palmeiras, the club were three times São Paulo champion, twice Brazilian champion and also winner of the Rio-São Paulo tournament.

Brunoro is facing a much different Palmeiras than in 1992: the club is in debt – also to parts of the squad – and roughly half of this year’s budget has already been committed. He’s in for a treat, our returning friend; nevertheless he seems thrilled.

— ooo —

GregoraciThen there’s Paulo Gregoraci. Although not yet officially announced, everything seems set for the arrival of the vice chairman and Chief Operating Officer of WMcCann. The experienced marketer will supervise the Marketing Department at Palmeiras, starting by selecting a professional who will work full-time and hands-on with exploring the Palmeiras brand in all possible way. This might (or might not) mean the end of the line for Rodrigo Geammal – hired under former president Tirone’s last months in office.

— ooo —

A third name is being mentioned: Thiago Scuro. Scuro worked with Brunoro as administrator of football at Audax and it seems likely that Brunoro will carry Scuro over to Palmeiras, having him perform similar duties to those of César Sampaio.

— ooo —

What about reinforcements on the pitch? Well, those hoping for the arrival of Riquelme most likely will have to look elsewhere, as Nobre today held a meeting with coach Kleina and Brunoro and voiced his concerns. Riquelme is considered a great player but also a high risk investment and too expensive, especially concerning the Club’s delicate financial situation. “I have to do things responsibly”, Nobre concluded. I couldn’t agree more.


  1. Very impressive start. Investing in the management staff and not in players is what Palmeiras need. Insane political infight and short-term thinking (and executon) is what drove us to the pathetic situation we are in.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Sal. In addition, the recently approved and future changes to the statutes will make a world of difference, combined with fresh blood and thinking in the management. We’re certainly on the fast track to a (peaceful) revolution, if you ask me.

  2. I don’t know what to say, but I’m very disappointed with the decision about Riquelme, thats it. =|

    1. Time will tell. I think it was the right decision. Palmeiras are short on money and when short on money, you shouldn’t gamble. Riquelme today is a huge gamble: we don’t know how he is as a player, if his body can take it, if his mind is still competitive, how the other player would react to a new “star” in the squad…. There are just to many uncertainties involved.

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