Beting in heaven

One of Brazil’s most respected journalists, Joelmir Beting, passed away early this morning after a period of illness paired with a stroke. In 1957 Joelmir initiated his 55-year-long career, firstly as a sports journalists, before early on swapping to the field of economics due to an inability to control his feelings during the games: a feverish palmeirense, Joelmir would much rather storm the pitch at the blow of the whistle than relate the facts from a broadcasting cabin.

To us palmeirenses, Joelmir will not only be remembered for his generous and passionately uncompromising love for Palmeiras, but also for having worded the to date most copied description of the thrill of being a Palmeiras supporter:

Explain to a palmeirense the emotion of being a palmeirense is utterly unnecessary. And to who’s not a palmeirense… Simply impossible.

At the age of 75, Joelmir’s parting is an irreplaceable loss to the collectiveness of the Palmeiras mind and, above all, to his family and close friends. Our thoughts reach out to those in need of comfort.

On Saturday against Santos, the Palmeiras squad will wear a specially designed jersey in memory of Joelmir. There’s also the suggestion, coming from several people simultaneously, of naming the main New Arena press conference room after him – in my humble opinion a very suitable tribute to this extraordinary man.

As of today, Heaven’s a tad greener.


  1. May the honesty, cleverness and passion in him influence generations of journalists to come. I’m one of those supporting the dream of having the press conference room of the New Arena named after him – a fair decision in tribute of the man, the professional and the passionate palmeirense in him. Beautiful post, Kris. Thank you!

    1. Good point, Sheila: journalism – and not least sport journalism – I’d say is on an all time low in Brazil. We could all learn from the likes of Beting – and there aren’t that many too pick from.

      See you around, Sheila!

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