Sonar pings #43

Currently out of Brasilia, the update ahead of tonight’s game is the shortest possible. What you need to know:

After last week’s resounding 4-0 against Paraná, Scolari used the press conference to heavily – but nevertheless only between the lines – criticise president Tirone, vice-president Frizzo and juridical director Piraci de Oliveira. Scolari’s wish list for the Brazilian Championship and players actually brought in are currently the main reasons for disagreement. The TNT of the moment is called Betinho, a player supposedly arriving to the club from São Caetano, without costs (except for the monthly paycheck of US$ 7.500) and for an initial three months. The striker has scored one (1) goal for São Caetano and hasn’t really made much of a name for himself elsewhere either. Who recommended him? Nobody knows (or tells). Who approved of the player? Idem.

Regardless of who’s right or wrong, the timing for Scolari’s outbreak was badly chosen, creating tension when focus should be on celebration and preparation for the next phase of the Brazil Cup.

Tonight, at 19:30 Brasilia time, Atlético Paranaense receive Palmeiras at the Durival de Britto stadium in Curitiba for the first leg of the quarter-finals in the Brazil Cup. The return happens on 23 May, same time, at the Barueri stadium. Atlético reside in the second division and Palmeiras are undeniable the favourite. If advancing to the semi-finals, the opponent will be either Grêmio or Bahia.

Palmeiras’ Deliberative Council came together last Monday to discuss among other things the disappearing of R$ 290 thousand – roughly US$ 145 thousand – from the club’s accounts. Three counsellors are the prime suspects and as version are extremely contradictory, the Deliberative Council will await the criminal investigation run its course before taking further action.


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