Sonar pings #41

Deola reaches 100
This Sunday against Comercial in the last round of the pre-knockout phase of the São Paulo Cup, 28-year-old successor of Saint Marcos, Deola, completes 100 games for Palmeiras. Let’s hope that he will be able to look back on the game with pleasure and that three point will suffice to propel Palmeiras into fourth place. And turning 29 in less than a week (19 April to me exact), why not turn those three points into a little present in advance?

One who will have no choice but to watch all the action from the safety of his couch is Wesley: the midfielder underwent surgery Wednesday morning and is already up and about on crutches. The medics claim the surgery was a complete success. Already next week Wesley will initiate physiotherapy but his return to the pitch is, as previously announced, expected to take something between 6-8 months.

Lid on
In order to facilitate players focusing on the important games ahead – both in the final stages of the São Paulo Cup and the upcoming games in the Brazil Cup – Palmeiras’ management have wisely decided to not discuss the future of any of their strikers, even though the contracts of both Ricardo Bueno and Fernandão expire in May. Vinícius is another player who’s future is soon to be decided upon. However, the message is clear: any transfer of players will be discussed after the end of the Paulistão.

Palmeiras B
Palmeiras B finished the A/2 competition in 17th place and dropped to A/3. Yes, A/3. That would be of less importance if Palmeiras B served as testing grounds and incubator of future stars. Problem is Palmeiras are notoriously bad at bringing up talents. And the B squad is huge, currently 56 players, at a monthly cost of approximately US$ 200.000. Money well spent? One would hardly think so. Yet, Palmeiras B survive. Seems like quite a few and influential people might have vested interest in the scheme, including shares in player transactions and the like. In any case, the information is out that the squad will be slimmed down to 24 and the budget cut by some 40 per cent, awaiting a decision regarding the maintaining or not of Palmeiras B expected in October. This piece of info has however not been officially confirmed.

— ooo —

Off on duty travel for the lions’ share of the coming week, expect no updates to the blog before next weekend. Take care you all and AVANTI PALESTRA!

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