3rd Act of Faith – Year of the Saint

The year of 2012 has been baptised by palmeirenses as “the Year of the Saint”. Throughout 2012, 12 different events – the so called “Acts of Faith” – will mark the greatness of recently retired São Marcos, one of the best Brazilian goalkeepers of all times and an undisputed idol, respecd by palmeirenses and non-palmeirenses alike.

The First Act was the Procession, the Second Act was the paying of homage that took place during this year’s Mancha Verde Carnival parade. The Third Act will happen this Saturday, as Palmeiras supporters pay homage to the professional fundamentally important for the development of Marcos: the specialised trainer of keepers Carlos Pracidelli.

Mr Pracidelli will receive a commemorative medal in recognition of all his years of contribution, not only in training Marcos but all Palmeiras keepers, keeping up Palmeiras’ reputation as THE best school for young and experienced keepers alike. As the text reads in the press release: In order to reach Sainthood, a Guide was necessary…

Unable to attend personally, I urge everyone that can to participate in yet one more of these moments that will go down in time as unique (full details here). Palmeirenses need no one to lead them, they lead the way, independently of what the Club or the media might think, independently of financial support or not. Palmeirenses make their own fortune, write their own history. That’s something to be proud of.


EDIT: I’ve now understood that this third Act is not open to everyone. Only a limited number of palmeirenses – six to be precise – will meet with Pracidelli and hand over the medal. Sorry, boys and girls!

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