Coruripe 0-1 Palmeiras

Against Coruripe/AL in the first leg of the first round of the Copa do Brasil, Palmeiras showed more of the collective spirit and awesome harmonisation we’ve witnessed in the last months; the team played brilliantly for the two initial minutes – enough for Barcos to open up the scorecard – and then turned into Sleepwalkers FC. The game was a total bore with a level of commitment way below expectations, Henrique and perhaps Márcio Araújo being the only exceptions. Pedro Carmona, who came on in the second half when Scolari got tired of Carvalho’s poor performance, added nothing. It continues a mystery why Scolari didn’t release him for Japan in the beginning of the year.

Valdivia is suspended for one more game; if the idea is to use the second leg against Coruripe to clean his record and make him available for the first game of the second round, the tactics worked perfectly.

Highlights? Just the goal. Just the goal.

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