Botafogo/SP 2-6 Palmeiras

Yesterday Palmeiras were vastly superior and outplayed Botafogo/SP with ease. Márcio Araújo, Juninho, Valdivia, Maikon Leite and Barcos were on fire. And as usual when Palmeiras are in control, players get just a little bit too confident and relaxed and the manifestation of that is Deola having to scoop the ball out of the net. Twice this time. Unnecessary but really nothing to write home about as the game was under control from start to finish. Heck, even Felipão felt so much at ease as to treat supporters to experiencing both Valdivia and Daniel Carvalho on the pitch simultaneously (although without much result this time). All in all a very pleasant afternoon, excellent for morale (highlights below). We can dream about a similar scenario against Coruripe on Wednesday in the first – and hopefully only – leg of Palmeiras’ debut in the Brazil Cup.


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