The Beautiful Game

The exact origins of the term is unknown, but nevertheless “The Beautiful Game” has been a synonym for football for many decades. Even more so in Brazil, were “o jogo bonito” has been elevated to a form of art, to a reason in itself. But beauty here is abundant, both on and off the pitch.

Every year, several competitions take place in Brazil in order to crown a muse, be it for a state or the national championship. A few weeks back you got to know a little bit more about Priscila Escobar, Palmeiras’ candidate for the 2012 edition of “Babe of the São Paulo Championship” (Gata do Paulistão). Today you’ll have the good fortune of meeting Tassiana Dunamis, grand winner of the 2011 “Babe of the Brazilian Championship” (Gata do Brasileirão), organised by the UOL news portal.

Tassiana Dunamis is a 24-year-old model, originating from São Bernardo do Campo, SP. She comes from a family of palmeirenses and from an early age collected team posters and stickers, especially if they featured Edmundo (Alves de Souza Neto, the forward commonly known as “Animal” at Palmeiras 1993-1995 and 2006-2007). Already at the age of six Tassiana knew it in her heart she was palmeirense and adored the club’s mascot – the green parakeet – which she mistook for the very similar Disney character “Zé Carioca“. “I could swear that little thing was alive”, she explains with a laughter. When asked today, she does not hesitate to elect keeper Marcos as her favourite player of all times, while midfielder and set piece specialist Assunção is her player of choice in the current Palmeiras squad.

Tassiana has been doing modelling for quite some time in addition to participating regularly on TV, which rendered her an invitation from UOL to represent Palmeiras in the 2011 Gata do Brasileirão competition. It’s common for the girls not actually rooting for the team they are representing, but with Tassiana that was obviously not the case and she immediately accepted the invitation. Not only did she do well, but eliminated her strongest opponent – the SPFC candidate Gisele Ribelato – in the semi-finals and then like a breeze beat the SCCP candidate Camila Vernaglia in the finals. She received the trophy from the hands of legendary player Evair.

Tassiana’s currently investing in a degree in performing arts and intends to continue working with entertainment TV. The daily routine of the self-proclaimed perfectionist is normally rather busy and includes working out, attending college, sorting out the recording schedule with the producers of the humoristic TV show Pánico na TV and participating in events, of which some include travelling. When she finds the time she enjoys music, reading, writing, surfing the web and going out for drinks.

The Gata do Brasileirão title has of course added some additional spice to Tassiana’s fame, not least to the vast numbers of Palmeiras supporters. The Devil might wear Prada, but rest assured that not only palmeirenses prefer turning their heads toward the woman drabbed in green. You’ll also be pleased to know that Tassiana has been a regular at the carnival school Mancha Verde‘s rehearsals and that she will participate in the parade this coming Friday (17th). The best of luck to each and everyone at Escola de Samba Mancha Verde: may you bring the title home this year!

Finishing off the interview, our muse leaves her message to all readers of Anything Palmeiras: “To everyone who follows and believes in my work, my ‘thank you so much’; not only for believing in my work as a model but also as a mere representative of Palmeiras’ supporters. We must believe in our club, fight for our rights as supporters and hold our love for Palmeiras above everything else.”

And with that, dear reader, it’s goodbye for now. In a few hours time, Palmeiras play Ituano for the 7th round of the Paulistão.


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