Sonar pings #36

Catanduvense? Yes, Catanduvense. The name sounds funnier before losing two points to this 12-year-old from the interior of the state of São Paulo. With Valdivia out due to a minor ankle injury (should hopefully be back on Wednesday against Mogi Mirim) and Barcos still not with papers in order to play, it again becomes clear how dependent Palmeiras are on the quality of a few key players. Pedro Carmona got his change but hid mysteriously from the ball. Daniel Carvalho on the other hand played well but was too isolated and still needs to lose “a few” pounds. Bueno again wasted heaps of chances but this time did not score the equalizer: Fernandão took care of that at 38 minutes of the second half. All in all a disappointing performance by a team who is clearly struggling to find it’s rhythm. Then again: so are many of the big teams in face of pre-season adjustments to the squad. For some it matters less as the referee’s whistle blows their tune…

Speaking of Barcos: LDU did send the Argentine striker’s papers on Saturday, meaning that all bureaucratic procedures should be over and done with by the end of this week. Barcos still misses Wednesday’s clash but will most likely be available for the derby against Santos on Sunday. Way to go!

An interesting player might soon sign with the Verdão: right-winger Artur, currently at São Caetano. The player will battle Cicinho for the position and seems a promising option indeed – 183 centimetres tall, the 27-year-old is a good offensive header and should prove valuable when Assunção places those deadly crosses into the penalty zone. Several other major Brazilian clubs have been trying to sign Artur for some time: stay tuned for the confirmation of pen to paper.

In a previous post your learnt that Carmona refused a lucrative offer from Japan after having heard from Scolari that he was indeed part of the coach’s plans for 2012. However, the same Japanese team that courted Carmona – Vegalta Sendai – have now closed a deal with Palmeiras midfielder Deyvid Sacconi. The player has not been favoured by Scolari and all of the previous season on loan to Naútico and Bragantino. Good luck in your new endeavours, Sacconi. Over and out.

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