Not goodbye, but see you soon!


Yesterday Marcos held the much awaited press conference, officially announcing his retirement as a keeper. The room was crowded and you really don’t need much more than Marcos and a microphone to make the event dignifying; he’ll take care of the rest in his simple, no nonsense, from-the-heart approach to things.

Of course the event was touching. There were tears. And a whole nation was present – physically or in spirit – in respect and recognition of a great man and his achievements on and off the pitch.

Below, a few quotes from the Saint himself, picked up during yesterday’s event. Again: thank you Marcos for everything you are, everything you have done and everything you represent. These last line are written with joy, as I’m confident that you will keep on contributing to Palmeiras until your last breath on earth.


–  Today, things are different. I’m from another time, when being an idol at a great Brazilian club was the peak of any career. Even more so for a palmeirense, being an idol at Palmeiras.

 – It’s impossible to be a great goalkeeper if you’re not playing for a great team.

– I owe Palmeiras everything. I am what I am thanks to Palmeiras. When I arrived here, I was just any other. Here, I grew as a man and as a professional.

– Palmeiras can count on me for whatever they might need. It’s not a written contract that matters. I’m available.

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  1. How lucky are we Palmeiras supporters for having this great character serving Palmeiras for so long time. He´s right: it´s impossible to become an idol if it´s not be part of a great team. It was the prefect marriage: Marcos gained important championships on Palmeiras and Brazilian National Team and consequently all the glory that these deeds bring along. He already entered to the hall of the great myths in the sports history, more than ever symbolized in his upcoming statue to be build in the new Palmeira´s Arena.

    Millions of thanks Saint Marcos!!

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