Standing on the shoulders of giants

If you want something done – and done well – you’d better do it yourself. With that spirit in mind more than 5.000 Palmeiras supporters took to the streets on Saturday and gloriously represented the 15 million heads strong family of alviverde fans in reverence of now retired keeper “Saint” Marcos.

As of 11am supporters – many wearing a Marcos jersey – started to gather outside of the Palestra Italia stadium…


Then, at roughly 2pm, the crowd started moving toward the Pacaembu stadium under constant singing and cheering. The march took a little over an hour and completely blocked traffic.

There were flags and posters aplenty: below you find a compilation of the ones distributed by the organisers of the march (Lagrutta and I took turns carrying #36 – the Saint with Garibaldi). Click mosaic for the option to download images separately from the Verdazzo site!

At the Pacaembu, more supporters gathered up to form the crowd of 25.000 heads that watched the friendly against Ajax.

Although the game did not offer up much quality football, the end result – Palmeiras 1-0 Ajax – was rather surprising considering that Ajax are in mid season while Palmeiras have just started theirs. And if Ajax knew only Scolari, they now have a few more names on their list: both right-winger Cicinho and goalkeeper Deola performed splendidly, Cicinho to the point of getting attention from Ajax spotter van der Zee and coach de Boer. Watch the highlights below.



Saturday 16 January will be remembered by everyone who was there and participated. Once again, Palmeiras’ supporters showed how they are miles ahead of any football director or president in their unconditional love, wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Without a doubt the happiest day in my life as a palmeirense. Thanks to everyone who made it happen! AVANTI PALESTRA!


With keeper legend Oberdan Cattani in front of the Palestra Italia stadium


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