Last round live comments in English

The guys at Sambafoot are organising a live internet transmission with commentators and interviews during the last round of the Brazilian championship, starting at 18.45 London time. At one point or the other – and internet connection permitting – I should be participating in the transmission providing a status updates on Palmeiras. Link below!



  1. É kristian, não deu para tirar o titulo dos gamba, mais valeu
    pela Raça que o VERDÃO mostrou, Ano que vem o Palmeiras
    irá melhorar muito, tenho fé nisso.

    Saudações Palestrinas..


    1. Pedro, não deu. Uma pena! E eu não sou tão optimista em relação a 2012. Acho que essa diretoria ainda vai aprontar muito com o Palmeiras…

      Abraço forte e Avanti Palestra! : )

  2. Sorry I wasn’t able tune in, the link for some reason didn’t work. Well 2011 is over. It was a tough year but in the end the club show fight in a situation where they could have quit on their coach. To the players credit they gave us almost everything we wanted in the last three rounds. I still would have liked to see Bueno, Leite, and Fernando on the pitch at the end of that match. I still see Palmeiras as a contender next year.

    1. Dear Rafa, you sum it up nicely. But we need change, institutional change, before we can dream of better days. Today’s directors drag Palmeiras in the mud, unfortunately. I believe that we’ll see change only in 2013, with a new president hopefully elected by an ever larger opposition.

      Thanks for flying and interacting with us in 2011! Avanti Palestra!

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