Figueirense 0-1 Palmeiras


If it doesn’t come pretty, let it come ugly. Centre-back Maurício Ramos breasted in the only goal of the game with about five minutes to go, breaking two taboos: Palmeiras’ first away win and Figueirense’s first home loss.

Palmeiras did dominate most of the action, but there’s clearly something that needs fixing in the offensive department. Maybe some training and a few more games and Kleber, Maikon Leite and Valdivia will start understanding each other. Especially the Chilean did little to impress us, while Kleber has started to spend a lot of time on the ground; sometimes because he falls easily as of late, sometimes because he’s being “helped” by some opponent. Whatever the reason, the referees are much less prone to put that whistle to their lips. The Gladiator’s made his bed, now he will have to sleep in it. He’s looking more frustrated than ever and is in all honestly not contributing that much. One thing is determination, attitude and fighting spirit; skill and efficiency are something different. Kleber’s showing a lot of the former and little of the latter.

On the positive side, Deola was solid as a rock between the posts. With Marcos back in great form, our number two has had few opportunities in this edition of the Brasileirão – in fact only one game – but we’re likely to see more; with two games a week, Marcos and Deola will most likely take turn, helping to keep our Saint less injury prone. Also, newly arrived left-winger Gerley played from start and showed both quality and personality. Good debut, kid!



On Saturday night, Palmeiras receive Atlético Mineiro. The mineiros, coming from a recent 1-0 win against Fluminense, are looking at improving their current 13th place in the tables. Palmeiras on the other hand, back in the top 4 but without important players Kleber and Márcio Araújo (both received their third yellow card yesterday), will without hesitation go for the three points. And succeed.


  1. Very important win! It did not looked like handball when Kleber scored early in the game, so it would have felt very disappointing if they had not won.

    Apart from being a Palmeiras fan I am also a fan of the Seleção. Any thoughts on the Copa America? How is the talk in Brazil going? Disappointment I would imagine, but apart from that?

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