On a roll

Silently and surprisingly efficiently, the previously so criticised gentlemen Tirone and Frizzo have been working away. The imbroglio with Martinuccio and Fluminense is apparently far from a solution, but Tirone has given clear indications that this is a fight he’s going to pick. Sooner or later, in one way or the other, Fluminense and/or Martinuccio will pay a price for breaching the pre-contract – that is unless Fluminense pull a rabbit out of the hat and convince everyone that the arrangement the Argentine had with Palmeiras is void.

While the tug-o-war for Martinuccio occupied space in the media, Palmeiras signed with the 20-year-old promising left-winger Gerley, who had also received offers from Vasco da Gama. In the end, the opportunity to play under Felipão settled the youngster’s mind and he stays at Palmeiras until the end of July 2014 for the transfer price of US$ 810.000 (corresponding to 50% of his economic rights). Gerley should make his debut on Sunday against Fluminense – as Gabriel Silva is serving the Sub 20 National Team – and integrated Scolari’s starting eleven today during practice.

Also Valdivia was in the starting eleven. The smaller medical problems he had while playing for Chile in the America Cup seem to have vanished. Let’s indeed hope he’s fully recovered; his creativity on the midfield is very much needed.

Tirone and Frizzo treated the supporters to yet another good surprise today, on the 60th anniversary of Palmeiras title as first World Club Champions: the acquisition of 50% of Cicinho’s economical rights and an extension of his contract for an additional four seasons. The right-winger, who arrived early this year on loan and already caught the attention of other clubs, has fitted like a glove at Palmeiras (he for example neutralised Ronaldinho in last Wednesday’s game against Flamengo). Now on a contract with Palmeiras until the end of June 2015, Cicinho has every possibility to become our permanent man of choice on the position.

This blog will always criticise when needed and praise when possible. The posture of Palmeiras’ directors in regard to the Martinuccio affair and the recent signings deserve our “WELL DONE”.


— ooo —

OFF TOPIC END NOTE: My deepest sympathy to the victims (currently 87 and counting) and the families of the victims of the horrifying Oslo bombing and following massacre at Utøya. May Norway and its citizens find strength to cope with this tragedy in a way that will honour the country’s traditions and fundamental values, preserving it as a peaceful, open and safe nation. God bless.


  1. Hello Kristian.
    Could you please give me the meaning of In a roll in portuguese? I´m in doubt.

    1. Hi Sandro. “On a roll” means to be having good luck, being on a good wave or streak of events. I believe the expression comes from the game of craps, when you roll dice. Cheers!

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