Looking good – 1951 style

As previously announced, Palmeiras and Adidas today (Tuesday) presented the new jerseys for the season. The home jersey is dark green and pays homage to the World’s first interclub champion – Palmeiras – who beat Juventus/ITA in the finals to conquer the Copa Rio in 1951. During today’s presentation, 1951 champion goalkeeper Oberdan Cattani took stage branding the new keeper jersey. A spectacular moment, accentuated even further with the presentation of a new promotional video (below). I can’t make up my mind: is it cool or a bit silly? In any case, I hope Kleber doesn’t smash walls before every game; it’ll prove expensive in the end.



The away jersey is white, with a multi-coloured stripe across the chest, reminding us of the club’s Italian heritage. No third jersey was presented, which indicates that there might indeed be some truth to rumours claiming that a version is being prepared to pay homage to the Palestra Itália stadium. We’ll have to wait and see.

If you pay attention to the pictures below, you will notice that the green jersey comes in two versions: the regular-fitting one featuring the currently used “ClimaCool” technology, and a new model featuring the brand new “TechFit” technology (as worn by Kleber and Assunção). Palmeiras will be the first team in Brazil to use it. And as supporters we’d better be preparing not only our wallets – the jersey will be more expensive than most – but also our bodies: I doubt anyone of us will look good in it unless we are ready to spend some quality time in the gym. It’s not spandex, but not very far from it either, agreed?




  1. Wonderful!

    The jerseys are fantastics, but the video is amazing too!

    I really love it!

  2. Who’s brave enough to wear this skintight one? not me, I’m no Kleber! lol

  3. I have a retro Palmeiras track top (Palestra Italia) which I wear as often as I can here in Berlin. Maybe now people will actually realise what team it represents!

    But I also find it a rather strange move to go back to the past like this. Anyway I hope it brings success on the field.

    Unfortunately I have not found any bar in Berlin that shows the Brazilian league and have a bad internet connection so I have missed the first two games. I saw that it was 1-1 against Cruzeiro in last round. Comments on this?


    1. Adam,

      Will you send me a pic of you with the track top? I’m thinking of gathering contributions from readers all over the globe and post them here at an appropriate moment.

      Keep on looking for that bar; I can’t believe there isn’t one “serving” the Brazilian community. Highlights from the draw with Cruzeiro are up, as well as higlights from Saturday’s 1-0 win against Atlético/PA.

      Speaking of bars… I was visiting London in 1997, trying to find a place to watch Brazil-France. I headed for a small pub, rather crowded but not absurdly so, and fixed my eyes on the TV just in time to see Roberto Carlos execute that famous 35m free kick that bends like crazy before kissing Barthez’s left goalpost. All around me there were cheers, and in portuguese! Without knowing it, I had enterred a place where Brazilians gather. Priceless.

      Take care, talk soon!

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