Megamind stays true!

This afternoon, Palmeiras finally announced the signing of a new contract with Marcos Assunção: the 34-year-old midfielder will stay in the club until December 2012, after which he most likely will retire from professional football. An important piece in Scolari’s scheme – not only due to his free kick and crossing abilities but also for the leadership and maturity show on and off the pitch – the renewal of the contract was well received. Other clubs, most notably Bahia, have shown interest in the player and Bahia seem to have made a rather good offer. In the end, our very own “Megamind” turned them down in exchange for a salary readjustment and the opportunity to continue in the club he has come to feel at home at. In his own words at the press conference where the closing of the new contract was announced: “There are clubs where you create strong ties with the group, directors, and staff. At Palmeiras, this is the case. I’m happy coming here; I feel good training and playing. My wish was to stay. I’m next to my friends, my family. My priority was always to stay here, in spite of the interest from Bahia”.

Last season, Assunção tied with Kleber as top scorer for Palmeiras with ten goals. So far this season he has been credited with two goals and seven assists. In total, Assunção has entered the pitch 62 times in the Palmeiras jersey.

Marcos Assunção: may you bless Palmeiras with many a happy moment!


    1. Assunção was extremely important for Palmeiras last season and continues to be important both on and off the pitch. I really like him and hope he is able to keep the pace up. Not getting any younger…

      Ewan, thanks for your comments! Cheers!

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