Sonar pings #15

The initiation of a living legend
Exactly 15 years ago, Marcos played his first game for Palmeiras in the starting eleven. And what a great day it proved to be, 19 May 1996: Palmeiras beat Botafogo/SP 4-0 and Marcos saved a penalty. He has continued giving us joy ever since.

On Sunday, in the opening game of this year’s edition of the Brazilian Championship, São Marcos plays his 512th game in the Palmeiras jersey.

Paulo Henrique – a serious and offensive right-winger
The player, on loan from Paraná until the end of the year, was presented at Palmeiras today. The 21-year-old comes to fill the same position as Cicinho, who has had troubles with injuries as of late. If Paulo Henrique will be successful at Palmeiras time will tell, but one thing is sure: the youngster is a determined and serious fellow. Journalists and photographers insisted on him flashing an ever so faint smile towards the cameras, but no deal, Paulo Henrique’s face was as chiselled in stone. “This is me, I’m a serious person, I don’t smile”.

That’s all fine with me, as long as he makes the supporters smile as often as possible. Welcome and good luck, Paulo Henrique!

Deola – our martyr of irony?
Today is indeed a busy day. Deola faces the São Paulo Sport’s Tribunal of Football and can expect a suspension for as much as six games. The charges? “Challenging sportsmanlike discipline or ethics”.  You see, Deola ought to have known better than to tweet “Congratulations to the Paulista Football Federation for the honesty and impartiality demonstrated and today represented through Mr. Paulo César de Oliveira” directly after the defeat against Corinthians in the semi-finals of the Paulistão, where the aforementioned Mr. de Oliveira was the referee. If you need to freshen up your memory, this is the relevant link.

After today’s ruling we’ll know if irony is passable or not. Jokers and mockers look out: you’ll be next in line.

edit: and the result is out, fresh as a daisy. Or, more appropriate, rotten as a tomato. Deola has been suspended for two games. And Scolari – also on trial for verbally questioning Paulo César de Oliveira and the procedure that led to him being picked for the game, has been suspended for SIX games in addition to receiving a fine of US$ 25.000.

Congratulations to everyone involved at the Paulista Football Federation and at the São Paulo Sport’s Tribunal of Football: let’s not question how the result of the referee draw was widely known many hours before the actual draw, but instead punish those who do.


  1. Thanks for a great blog Kristian! Tack för en grym blogg!

    Is great to be able to follow news of Palmeiras in English. My Portuguese is rusty to say the least.



  2. It’s been a long time since my last comment! I think I’m trying to digest some things yet…

    Just stopping by to wish all my best to Palmeiras in this new season of Brasileirão! Let’s rock that shit! haha

    All the best Kristian!

    1. We’re all digesting… And while we rock that shit, let’s hope Felipão gets his shit together and bring the trophy home!

      Have a great weekend Vinícius, take care!

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