A perfect script

I believe we’ll be looking back at last week’s events as a mark, a turning point. It was a week when several pieces of the puzzle finally snapped into place.

Messieurs Tirone and Frizzo had a chat with Lincoln and the gentlemen seem to have reached an agreement. Hopefully that means that the midfielder stays at Scolari’s full disposal and that the financial issues are being solved.

Pierre – the player who more than any other has come to symbolise the “second skin” mentality (if you for any reason haven’t seen the adidas/palmeiras promo video yet, hurry and click here) – refused an offer from Atlético/PR. His wish is to stay at Palmeiras, recover from the foot injury and once again lead the way on the pitch. I hadn’t expected anything less of this warrior. Once more, Pierre gives proof of his dedication to Palmeiras and why he deserves all our support in this personal battle of his.

WTorre launched a hotsite, where anyone can follow the construction of the New Arena. Make sure to bookmark www.novaarena.com.br, where pictures and, in short, several cameras will be transmitting real time streams.

Continuing on the matter of the New Arena: lawyers hired by president Tirone to comb the contract with WTorre in search of any dangerous clauses or breaches found nothing. On the contrary: the contract is solid and, if compared to similar contracts, much in favour of Palmeiras. These findings were communicated to the Deliberative Council by Tirone himself. Let’s hope this strikes a final blow to the few individuals more interested in promoting themselves then looking after Palmeiras’ best.

Although formally not yet announced, two new players will shortly pull on Palmeiras’ jersey (unless something totally unexpected occurs in the next few days). Replacing Danilo, who’s leaving for Udinense/ITA by the middle of the years, Scolari has indicated that everything is set for the arrival of 27-years-old centreback Gustavo Bastos, currently at Mirassol. The 1,91 meters tall defender has caused a good impression on Felipão and the football directors of Palmeiras.

The second reinforcement is the long awaited #9. For those expecting a big name in the calibre of Ronaldinho, Adriano, Luis Fabiano or even Grafite, the arrival of Wellington Paulista might cause some disappointment. I not only disagree, but think that the striker, who turns 27 this month, is the perfect choice. Currently playing for Cruzeiro, Wellington formed a dynamic duo with Kleber in the very successful 2009 campaign, when Cruzeiro reached the Libertadores Cup final. The duo scored 50 goals during that season and Kleber never hid his desire to repeat the formula at Palmeiras. Scolari himself has had his eyes on Wellington for some time. And Wellington himself seems eager to reunite with his family in São Paulo, to work with Scolari and reunite with Kleber.

So, there you have it: the summary of a truly great week. Have I missed something? Ah, yes: Sunday’s game!

Palmeiras and Santos put on quite a show. We saw the Paulista Championship’s best defence against the strongest attack with the likes of Neymar, Ganso and Elano. At moments like these, Scolari’s mastery shines through and we can see the result of his methodological and immaculate attention to detail. Although suffering some pressure in the first half, Palmeiras succeeded well in holding Santos at bay. In the second half and after some adjustments, Palmeiras steadily grew. Kleber’s goal, after a spectacular pass by Patrick, was the cherry on the cake. A truly great result. Palmeiras now have a very realistic chance of finishing the pre knockout stage in first place, enjoying the privilege to play for a draw in every upcoming game in the knockout phase and raise the trophy. Below, yesterday’s highlights for your viewing pleasure.



  1. We are going to kick the press asses! We get stronger everytime they ignore us!!!! VAI PALMEIRAS!

    1. Never underestimate Palmeiras. Man, I hope I’m not wrong, but it finally feels like the dawn of a new era!

      Victor, keep on visiting the blog and commenting! Cheers!

  2. Yes, Palmeiras showed thats´s a solid team and that Patrick is a promising player.
    contratulations Big Green!

    Forza Palestra!

  3. If some other player, like Ganso or Ronaldinho had passed that ball for the goal, they would be called genius.. But i like this way better.. the “lucky” team who works and gets better every day! Go palmeiras!!! Gratz for all, specially Patrick, for the showed skills so far this season.

    1. Genius it was, indeed. The kid is doing alright, more than alright. Today, at “4 em Campo” on CBN, they gave a lot of attention to the development of Patrick, boosted by Scolari and Murtosa.


  4. My search is over. I finally found a site wear the coverage is great in English. Consider the page bookmarked! Santos victory was glorious and the news Wellington and the Gladiator reuniting again has me believing we will be back into the top 4 for the Brasilero.

    1. That’s great news, Ralph. Hope to see you a lot around here! In addition to bookmarking the page, you can also subscribe: in that way you will receive an e-mail anytime there’s an update to the blog. : )


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