São Caetano 1-1 Palmeiras

OK, let’s see… On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, spectators gathered for an thrilling display of the beautiful game, where the talent of the lucky selected on the pitch corresponded to everyone’s high expectations and…

Nah. The KISS principle will rein tonight. With Valdivia absent (thigh, thigh, muscle pains, thigh) Palmeiras again turned into a giant with offensive fatigue, although the first 30 minutes looked rather promising for a change. Kleber did his part, as always. Deola was monstrous between the posts (good and bad, as we’d rather not need him to work miracles at all). Cicinho played very well in the first half, then fell back in the second and was substituted. Marcos Assunção (of last season) would have scored 2-3 goals given the opportunities he had, but missed them all. Luan showed a lot of stamina, but little else. Adriano and Patrik… Well, football is not like riding a bike, apparently. Anyway, watch the goals below.

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