Sonar pings #9

Demolition men
After about three months of activity, WTorre has spent roughly US$ 30 million on the demolition of the Palestra Itália Stadium. So far, the main gymnasium, the restaurant, the secretariat and some office spaces have been removed by the 120 men daily working on the site. The New Arena is scheduled to be handed over to Palmeiras no later than April 2013.

Growing muscles
While the main stadium is being torn down and rebuilt, some parts of the club remain intact in order to allow players to train. The gym has received brand new and modern equipment, with a net worth of US$ 600.000. The older equipment has been sent to the training centre in Guarulhos, where Palmeiras’ junior players are housed.

Visitors a plenty
In 2010, Palmeiras’ official site registered more than 22 million visits, generating a total of some 74 million page views. It’s the second most visited football club page in Brazil (2nd to Corinthians only), growing a healthy 30% in comparison to last year.

Most hits come from São Paulo and Campinas. The states that most grew in terms of access was those of Rio de Janeiro, Maranhão and Pará. The Paraná city of Apucarana – with only 120.000 inhabitants – continues in the list of the top ten visiting cities: truly amazing.

Visitors from Chile are increasingly accessing the site, one would believe due to Valdivia’s popularity. Other countries that considerably raised their level of access include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece and Ukraine.

Bye bye, Ewerthon
Striker Ewerthon, the man with the doubtful skill of always running offside, has left the club, after coming to a mutual agreement to terminate his contract. Apparently receiving a salary of approximately US$ 120.000 a month at Palmeiras, he didn’t leave a day too soon. The former Borossia Dortmund and Real Zaragoza player appeared 37 times for the Verdão, scoring nine times.

Scolari best SA coach
The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) has proclaimed coach Luiz Felipe Scolari the best South American coach of the last decade, tied with Argentinean Marcelo Alberto Bielsa for seventh place in the International world ranking. The World Ranking is headed by Arsène Wenger, with Sir Alex Ferguson as runner up and José Mourinho in third. Information on the criteria for selection and the complete list can be found here.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Yup, the novela/auction/circus continues. News will be published here only when a contract has been signed.

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