Sonar pings #8

Marcos announces retirement in 2011, but wants a title first
Keeper Marcos has announced that he will end his player career in 2011. Still hungry and wanting to finalise his days on the pitch with a title, Marcos is undergoing special treatment and will also keep up certain activities during the holidays – all with the aim of physically preparing him for the new season.


Valdivia also under special treatment
The Chilean midfielder is yet another receiving special attention from the medical department. Problems with the left thigh kept him off the pitch for most of the last month of the Brasileirão and crucial games in the South America Cup. Chief medic Anselmo Sbragia has passed on some muscular exercises to El Mago that he will have to perform during the holiday break.


While Felipão…
While players go on Christmas break, coach Scolari keeps punching in. Though officially on holidays, he decided to stay put in São Paulo, helping out with the reshaping of Palmeiras’ training grounds as well as keeping an eye on ongoing negotiations to bring in new players for Palmeiras.


Palmeiras Sub-20 reaches the semi-finals in the national championship
Not everyone is on holiday. The Palmeiras sub-20 team yesterday beat Ceará 2-1 with goals by Francinei and Mayko and advanced to the semi-finals in the national championship. Next opponent will be defined today: Goiás or Vitória.


And what about Ronaldinho Gaucho?
Rumours run wild, most of them hinting at a probable/likely transfer of Milan’s Ronaldinho Gaucho to Palmeiras. It seems quite clear that Ronaldinho himself would welcome a move away from Milan, as he’s not been much favoured by coach Allegri.

Regardless of the above being true or not, Anything Palmeiras feels comfortable in assuring our readers that the chances of Ronaldinho signing with Palmeiras is exactly 0-100 per cent.

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