Dear readers,

You will find a considerable lesser number of posts the following 3-4 weeks. This has nothing to do with Palmeiras’ non existing aspiration in the Brasilerão (loosing 3-0 to Atlético Goianense being just the latest of several probable defeats in the few games that lies ahead), neither a lack of interest from this blogger. The simple fact is: I’m on holiday, far from Brazil, and constantly on the move. It will be hard for me to get news about our Verdão and even much harder writing about it. So, don’t get mad, don’t abandon Anything Palmeiras. As of mid December, the pace will be picking up again. In the mean time, use the comments feature to contribute and interact with one another and with me.

All the best, take care,


Ps. I’ve heard that Tinga is taking English lessons and that he’s the “teacher” of his teammates. Someone please make sure he finds out about Anything Palmeiras!


  1. Kristian

    Have a nice holiday and enjoy it. When you come back, we will be the champions of South America Cup. Go ahead Verdão.

    Jose Lucio

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