The São Paulo Town Hall releases awaited final license and works on the Arena can begin!

After exactly two years of waiting – in between commissions, departments and municipal institutions; in total over thirty exchanges of documents – Palmeiras has finally been presented with the license that allows S.E. Palmeiras and WTorre initiate construction of the new Palestra Italia. The Arena will be a multi-use complex that also includes a stage for concerts and operas. In two years time, the city of São Paulo will enjoy one of the most spacious and comfortable sporting and cultural venues in Latin America, in addition to the most modern football stadium in the world.

Kassab & Belluzzo – by F. Menotti

The symbolic handover of the documents happened this Wednesday morning, at the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in São Paulo, where the President of Palmeiras Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo is recovering from heart surgery. The mayor of São Paulo, Gilberto Kassab, personally went to congratulate Belluzzo.

“It was not a simple visit, as I actually came to bring a gift to President Belluzzo: the publication of the license of the Arena Palestra Italia in the Official Gazette,” Kassab said. “Work can now begin on this arena, which will be a great sporting and cultural centre within the city of São Paulo”.

In addition to the mayor, Palmeiras’ acting president Salvador Hugo Palaia, the club’s managing director Jose Cyrillo Junior, the owner of constructor WTorre Walter Tower and other officials were present during the improvised ceremony. Belluzzo, still weak and visibly moved, briefly addressed the press, mentioning the importance of everyone joining forces for the good of the club – something that should be interpreted as a direct message to Palaia.

Walter Tower confirmed that the deadline for handing over the arena is 30 months from now, but that he intends to deliver in less time. “We are expecting to finish the work in 24 months – or even a little less – in order to compensate for the delay in releasing the license,” he said. “We are already taking steps to accelerate the work,” he added.

Walter Tower also announced the eminent launch of a hotsite, allowing the public to follow the construction in real time. “We will bring about a revolution in interactivity with Palmeiras’ supporters”, he explained. “We will have one or two cameras transmitting in real-time, online, everything that is being done on the construction site, in addition to having a diary with more specific information, such as how many employees are busy at the time, what kind of material is being used, what has been done on any particular day.” he added. The hotsite is scheduled to go online within 30 days.

For a recap of what the Arena will look like when concluded, click here.




  1. Finalmente!

    Seria uma grande vergonha aprovarem a construção de um estádio como o do Corinthians de um dia para o outro sem ao menos verem o projeto e barrarem a Arena Palestra Itália que desde o início seguiu todas as exigências como manda o figurino.

    Infelizmente aqui no Brasil, aquela história da Cigarra e da Formiga não faz muito sentido. Quem trabalha duro e faz tudo certo nem sempre colhe os frutos do seu esforço, enquanto os que aprontam e levam a vida sempre no “jeitinho” na maioria das vezes se dão bem.

    O Corinthians já literalmente “ganhou” um mundial interclubes sem precisar conquistar uma Libertadores e acabou ganhando a abertura da Copa de 2014 antes mesmo de ter um estádio.

    Pelo menos desta vez, aquele que trabalhou duro teve sua recompensa. Antes de torcer por um time vencedor, tenho orgulho de torcer por um time com dignidade!

  2. Luiz,

    É tudo verdade. E adorei a última frase: “Antes de torcer por um time vencedor, tenho orgulho de torcer por um time com dignidade!”

    Obrigado por seu comentário, volte sempre!

  3. Kristian Bengtson,

    Congratulations. This website about our Palmeiras is motive of proud for all of us who love it.

    Thank you and best regards

    José Lucio

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