Defender Fabrício is Palmeiras’ most recent addition

Fabrício (by Marcia Feitosa/VIPCOMM)

This Friday (6 August), Palmeiras announced the arrival of young defender Fabrício, only 20 years old. Fabrício – tall, left footed and considered very promising, left Flamengo and now belongs to the investment enterprise Traffic, who is passing him on to Palmeiras until the end of 2010. Scolari’s idea seems to be setting up a 3-5-2 formation, and Fabrício would fit right in.

Fabrício’s dissatisfaction with Flamengo was evident; at an early age he was placed in Paraná FC and then Hoffenheim (Germany) to “gain experience”, before being brought back to Flamengo. He played several games in the starting eleven in 2009, but nevertheless felt sidestepped. The end result: Flamengo loses a young talent and Palmeiras benefits equally.

More details on Fabrício
Full name: Fabrício Silva Dornellas
Age: 20 years old (20/02/1990)
Born: Rio de Janeiro-RJ
Height: 1,89 meters
Clubs: Flamengo (2008), Paraná (2009), Hoffenheim-ALE (2009) and Flamengo (2009-10)
Trophies: Brazilian Champion (2009)

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