Finally, 3 points in the bag!

Palmeiras 2-0 Atlético PR

A quite different Palmeiras emerged on the pitch Saturday night. The wingers Vitor and Armero were sacrificed for a 3-5-2 with Danilo, Mauricio Ramos and Fabrício forming the defence. The midfield was composed of Marcio Araújo, Edinho, Tinga (very inspired), Marcos Assunção and Rivaldo. The attack: Tadeu and Luan.

Within the first couple of minutes, a nicely executed play by Tinga close to the corner flag and a cross, that found Danilo who firmly headed the ball and ran to commemorate with his teammates. Atlético tried to put some pressure on, but the few chances were stopped by Marcos, back between the posts after having recovered from his knee problem.

Early in the second half, Tadeu received his second yellow, leaving Palmeiras with 10 players. Still, the game continued even, or in fact slightly more leaning toward Palmeiras, who created a couple of good opportunities. The nail in the coffin was drawn when Tinga beautifully served Ewerthon (came in as replacement for Luan), in slightly offside position (as always, but this time not perceived by the linesman) who did no mistake and firmly placed the ball behind Atlético’s keeper. Palmeiras rests in 10th position with a total of 19 points.

Watch the game highlights below.

Let’s all hope for the ketchup effect, starting already against Vitória this coming Thursday in the South America Cup. 2-0, and we’ll have a penalty shootout. 3-0, and Palmeiras is through. If Vitória scores, Palmeiras will need to score an additional three. So… How does a 3-0 final result sound? OK with you guys?

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