Scolari – to be or not to be

With any other coach steering Palmeiras at this moment, requests for dismissal by numerous segments/individuals inside and outside of the club would already be loud and vicious. In Brazil, that means that you, as a coach, are few steps from the gallows. But Felipão – who in the last six games has drawn four times and lost two – sits solid as a rock. And thank God for that. Reasons?

– Scolari is not a good coach, he’s an excellent coach. Proven and confirmed on numerous occasions.
– Scolari is determined, serious and committed to Palmeiras.
– Scolari doesn’t dodge responsibility, stating that it’s up to him to get the results.
– Scolari have some quality players at his disposal; Marcos, Valdivia, Kleber, Lincoln.
– Scolari has the ability to make regular players stand out. Just give the man some time.

Bringing in someone like Scolari means taking on, at least, a medium term investment. Anything else is an insult to a professional of his calibre. And seriously: if he can’t get Palmeiras on track, who can?

In 1997, Scolari went five straight games without a victory, and then secured three points against Atlético Paranaense: Palmeiras’ opponent this coming Saturday. I’d be delighted to see little bit of history repeating.


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