…and new players keep arriving!

Midfielder Rivaldo sporting Avaí's jersey

Several newspapers in Santa Catarina today announced that midfielder Rivaldo (no, not THE Rivaldo…) will be leaving Avaí, having signed a contract with Traffic, a major investor and revealer of new sports talents. As confirmed by Palmeiras’ vice-president Roberto Cipullo, the player will integrate Palmeiras’ squad and play in the Brasileirão for Palmeiras; this is possible because Rivaldo hasn’t played more than six games for Avaí in this year’s Championship. Rivaldo’s contract runs for a year and a half.

The word is that Rivaldo made quite an impression on Felipe Scolari when his former team beat Palmeiras 4-2 last week. Scolari expressed his wish, and the result is evident for anyone to see. Good and swift work, indeed. Congratulations, Palmeiras and Traffic!

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