New jerseys 2010/2011

Jerseys I and II, with highlighted details

On Tuesday 20 July, Adidas launched the new team jerseys for the rest of the season, paying tribute to the five consecutive titles that Palmeiras won between 1950 e 1951, a period known as The Five Crowns (as cinco coroas). During the launch of the new jerseys, a video was screened that you can watch by clicking the thumbnail below.

Jersey no. 1 comes in a dark emerald green and carries a water mark on the right side of the chest, branding the symbol used by Palmeiras in the 50s and the five crowns. In addition, the collar of the shirt brings five stars.

The second jersey marks the return of the bright limegreen colour, so appreciated amongst Palmeiras’ supporters, sporting a v-shaped collar.

New goalkeeper jerseys were also presented: the 1st is blue, the 2nd is white: both traditional colours often featured in older uniforms of Palmeiras.

You are probably asking yourself what The Five Crowns were exactly. Just keep on reading.

At the very beginning of the 1950s, the world could follow the emerging of a fabulous Palmeiras squad. Players that would become legends, like Oberdan, Fiúme and Rosa Pinto, formed the base of a team that won five consecutive titles: São Paulo City Trophy, São Paulo Estate Championship, Rio-São Paulo Tournament, yet one more São Paulo City Trophy and then, the icing on the cake: the Rio Cup of 1951, a tournament where the best teams on the planet had been summoned to participate in what can only be described as the first International Interclub Championship. The list included Nacional – the base of Uruguay’s 1950 World Champion National Team; Juventus (Italy), Olympique de Nice (French champions) the Red Star (Yugoslav champions) and Sporting (Portuguese champions). Brazil was represented by Palmeiras and Vasco da Gama (Rio de Janeiro). The final was played in two turns and Palmeiras got the better of Juventus. The title was at the time greatly commemorated all over Brazil, as Palmeiras lifted the trophy of the first International Interclub Championship.

If you’re itching to purchase any of the shirts, check out the “Links” section of this blog.

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